The youth of Barbados have been urged to volunteer to assist with the 6th International Boxing Association (AIBA) Championships, to be held in Barbados from?? September 6 -19.

The young people, who were gathered for the second business meeting of the National Youth Forum, held on Saturday at the Barbados Community College, were invited by Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, Joyce Bowen, and Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, to get involved in the international event.

"We need you, the young people, to help us to make this successful.?? Join forces with us to spread the word.?? It is an international event and is a good way to learn and get some experience which will not often come to Barbados," Mr. Lashley said.??

The first AIBA championships were held in Scranton, USA, in 2001, and since then five championships have been staged. According to Ms. Bowen, the last championships attracted 42 countries; however at last count on Friday evening, Barbados had 85 countries registered.

??Bouts will begin on September 9 and the finals will be held on September 18 at the Wildey Gymnasium.?? Fights will consist of four rounds of two minutes each, with one minute of rest between bouts.??

The young people were also treated to a demonstration of amateur boxing.

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