Newly appointed Principal of??the Alexandra School, Orson Alleyne (far right) and his new Deputy, June Browne??meet??some of the students today??after??the school assembly??to introduce the??new teaching staff.??(A.Miller/BGIS)??

Change is the only constant and sometimes we have to accept change.

This point was stressed today by Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, as he introduced new Principal of the Alexandra School, Orson Alleyne, his new Deputy June Browne and 18 new staffers to students and staff, during full assembly in the school hall.

Mr. King told the students: "Sometimes, a colleague of yours may leave and go overseas at another university… Sometimes, a person may go to another country to work. These things may happen from time to time. That does not mean the person is lost forever.?? Because of your level of intelligence [and] because of the extent to which you care about this school, I’m sure any change will not affect the way you see yourself and you see your school."

He also wished the school and its staff "a very successful academic year" noting that it had always performed in an exemplary manner.

The new team was warmly received by the student body and other employees of the Alexandra School and Mr. King noted that the students were always well-behaved. He said: "I always like to come here. When you walk into this school you feel [that] you have walked into an educational institution where teaching and learning are taking place…And, together we are going to see that this school is going to move from strength to strength and I expect that that level of commitment and dedication that has characterised the Alexandra students will continue indefinitely."

As Mr. King introduced the new Principal, he acknowledged that Mr. Alleyne had been teaching for about 32 years, was a devoted teacher and had been a principal for some five years.

"So he has that experience [and] he cares a lot about children," said Mr. King.

Mr. Alleyne was recently assigned to the Queen Street, St. Peter school after serving as Principal at Parkinson Memorial School for five years.


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