The challenges which the Alexandra School in St. Peter has gone through have moulded it, says Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones.

Parents, teachers and students were told this today as the Minister delivered the feature address at the school???s Awards Ceremony in its auditorium, under the theme: Commemorating, Celebrating, Creating; The Alexandra Story.

While commending the institution on its 120th anniversary, Mr. Jones told teachers and students: ???The challenges that Alexandra has gone through over the period of its existence has in fact moulded its character??? moulded its courage to be what you are, to be a shining light to so many others in our country.

???Wherever we turn, you see very excellent examples, first of all the young ladies who have passed through this school. And, when you add young men to that particular journey, we can be particularly proud that young men and women are benefiting from the best that the school can provide and that this school has in fact provided.???

Declaring that he would address only the positives of Alexandra School, he said he was more interested in what the school was currently doing and its future. Teachers were told that they had to create an environment of respect and discipline for children, while at the same time having faith in them in the hope that they could be encouraged to be better.

Teachers and students were told that leadership was an ???awesome??? responsibility. Teachers were reminded that from the time they stepped onto the school premises, they were leaders and no one had to designate them as Year Head or senior teacher or head of department to be a leader.

???Every teacher here is a leader in their own way and their own right,??? said Mr. Jones, adding that in the same vein whether a student was a form captain/form monitor; deputy head girl/boy or head boy/ girl, they too were in a leadership role.

The St. Peter school was further told it had to continue doing well in areas in which it was excelling, and change others that it was not. The school???s management heard it was best to embrace everybody; give them a sense of commitment to the process; and allow for discussion that encouraged consensus.

And, Mr. Jones added that most of all, he wanted the principal at Alexandra to embrace every teacher and every student. ???Lead the way; set the stage; engage, involve and support. Teachers are human beings too,??? he said, while urging Principal Orson Alleyne ???to use soft words and encouraging tones??? as the aim was to ensure that the family at the Alexandra School remained satisfied.

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