Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, is urging the public to join in prompting the nation???s young people to participate in the developmental programmes on offer by his Ministry.

While speaking at the National Stadium at the beginning of the National Summer Camps??? Sports Day, Mr. Lashley noted that the increased violence seen recently prompted his Ministry to take swift action.

???Over the next couple of weeks within the Youth Department of the Ministry, we will be finalising a project where we are going to be taking some initiatives and some interventionist strategies in various communities across Barbados, designed to root out this very worrying element of violence in all of its forms,??? he disclosed.

Mr. Lashley noted that although the Ministry stood ready to fight the necessary battles, it was also important for society at large to instil positive values in the youth of the country.

???I believe we have to refocus our energies in ensuring that we can empower our young people to be able to reject negativity and to be able to reject violence in all of its formats,??? he stressed.

Making reference to the recent acts of violence seen within the past few days, the Minister was of the view that young people who exhibited deviant and antisocial attitudes were in the minority.

However, he cautioned that it was still very necessary ???to ensure that the majority of our young people get more involved in the activities that are critical for national sustainable development???.

Participation by the youth in positive programmes such as those offered by the Ministry, Mr. Lashley suggested, would greatly impact on the reduction of the negative trends being seen across the island.

???The issues that impact on our society can only be solved by having youth at the centre of the forefront in tackling the issues,??? he surmised.

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