With five months to go before Agrofest 2010, plans are already in motion to make next year’s agricultural exhibition "the best yet".

Word of this has come from Agrofest Coordinator, Theodore Fraser, who said that "response has been pretty good thus far, with some 60 exhibitors securing space".

Under the theme "Green today… Sustained Tomorrow", Mr. Fraser noted that coordinators of the event would be focusing more on the green concept and building on issues relating to the environment and the need for sustainable practices.

The Coordinator also added that more fruit and vegetable farmers were registering earlier "as they have started to place added confidence in the exhibition".

"Although we are in the planning stage right now, the feedback and support have been tremendous and I believe that next year we will outdo ourselves again…

"My wish for Agrofest 2010 is to be more successful, to have more agricultural exhibits, greater participation from primary and secondary schools and most importantly, greater support from Corporate Barbados," he stressed.

Agrofest 2010 kicks off from Friday, February 26 and ends Sunday, February 28.


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