Acting Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Steven Blackett????

Students at the Alleyne School yesterday received some pertinent advice from acting Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Steven Blackett, during their Annual Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony held in the school’s auditorium.

Mr. Blackett urged the pupils, who were also celebrating 225 years of the school’s existence, to pursue excellence in an effort to ensure that they built on the foundation already laid for them and to secure an even stronger institution for the next generation of students.

"True excellence leaves a legacy; it is impossible to leave a legacy if you do not interact and share your ideas, knowledge, and skills with other people.?? Your school can proudly celebrate 225 years of excellence because others, long before your time, contributed to the excellence of which you are the beneficiaries.?? It is now up to you to do the same for others who are coming after you," he advised.

Minister Blackett also told students to refrain from engaging in deviant behaviour such as taking drugs, being promiscuous, having rude girl/boy attitudes and participating in vandalism or violence.?? He, instead, implored them to concentrate on working hard and employing a positive attitude.

"Hard work is essential for the development of excellence. Students, be diligent about your work. Strive to learn something new each day; each time you gain new knowledge, you have progressed.?? Anyone that promises excellence without hard work and a positive attitude is really stunting your development and leading you down a path of destruction," Mr. Blackett added.

The acting Minister also commented on the "distinguished" history of the Alleyne School, noting that it was the pioneer in the establishment of co-educational public secondary schools in Barbados.

He pointed out that past scholars at that institution have contributed significantly to Barbados. These included the late entrepreneur and former Senator Esme Rock; former Director of Life of Barbados Insurance Company, McDonald Smith; Chief Magistrate, Clyde Nicholls and Dr. Velma Scantlebury, the first black female in the world to have performed a kidney transplant.

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