Alternative medicine and theories on treating chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) were discussed, when a delegation of medical practitioners, led by American naturopathic expert, Dr. Joel Wallach, met with Minister of Health, John Boyce, at his Culloden Road office on Wednesday.

Nutrient deficiencies, healthy eating and reversing the effects of several CNCDs, including diabetes, Alzheimer???s disease, heart disease, and preventing certain birth defects, also came in for discussion.

Mr. Boyce acknowledged that the treatment methods outlined did not necessarily conform with those of the Ministry.

However, he stated: ???Of particular concern is the rising level of CNCDs, such as obesity and diabetes in Barbados. “Therefore, the time is right for all Barbadians to explore all forms of preventative measures, including the traditional and non-traditional forms of patient care.???

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George, echoed the Minister???s comments, reinforcing that while the Ministry of Health firmly agreed with conventional approaches, it was useful to explore what alternative methods had to offer.

Dr. Joel Wallach is the best-selling author of Dead Doctors Don???t Lie. While in Barbados, he was the featured speaker at the Health is Wealth seminars held from November 12 to 13 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre.

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