Minister of Agriculture, Haynesley Benn, chatting with Ambassador-designate to Brazil, Yvette Goddard??during a farewell courtesy call at his Ministry.

Issues relating to the sugar industry, training opportunities in Brazil, green house technology and exchange programmes were some of the key areas discussed, when the Ambassador-designate to Brazil, Yvette Goddard, met with Minister of Agriculture, Haynesley Benn, recently during a farewell call.

In particular, the officials looked at ways of forging stronger ties between the two countries by having?? exchange programmes between technical staff at the Ministry and their Brazilian counterparts, as well as increasing training opportunities.

According to Minister Benn: "Training is definitely a priority and we at the Ministry look forward to the chance of gaining greater insight, especially in the areas of greenhouse technology and plant pathology."

Barbados and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1971.

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