The Most Outstanding Ambassadors for 2007, Tracia Collymore and Justin Greaves, have been continuing their training in preparation for their overseas assignment in London in June.

The training session, which also involved the Attendant of the Year, Oldwin Skeete, was facilitated by the management and staff of Cave Shepherd and Co. Ltd. and coordinated by the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat (CICS).

The group was tutored in the rudiments of grooming by presenter, Allison Green of Cave Shepherd. Business, casual and formal wear were modeled by staff of Cave Shepherd and there were demonstrations in skincare and make-up.

Also taking part in the event were CICS Field Officer, Ali Sandiford and Promotions Officer, Jessica Parris.

The Ambassadors and attendant have been undergoing training in areas such as communications, national heritage, handling the media, etiquette and protocol among others, to equip them with the necessary skills to undertake their assignment.

On that trip, they will meet and greet members of the Barbadian community living in London and sensitise them on celebrations for the coming year and on the CICS programme.

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