Culture Minister, Stephen Lashley posing with the Most Outstanding Parish Ambassadors for 2016, Cadesha Rouse and Brandon Beckles from St. Joseph and their Attendant, Mona Grant-Phillips, following a meeting at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. (J.Weekes/BGIS)

The recently-crowned Parish Ambassadors for 2016 have been encouraged to act on their dreams regardless of concerns about their age.

Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley, gave the St. Joseph Parish Ambassadors, Brandon Beckles and Cadesha Rouse, these words of encouragement during a courtesy call at his Sky Mall office. “If you don’t dream it then it will never happen, because you don’t believe it will happen,” he advised.

However, the Minister told the duo that their dreams must be translated into practical things, and he underscored the need for them to think outside of conventional and traditional ideas, especially with regard to employment.

On the point of age and ability, Mr. Lashley told 20-year-old Brandon and 21- year-old Cadesha that concerns about age should never factor into their progress. “The brilliance of what you do is not going to be reflected in your age, but only in your passion to accomplish it,” he noted.

During the meeting, discussion also focused on issues with water in St. Joseph; the parish’s community spirit, the positive impact of the Parish Ambassador Programme; and the Ambassadors’ future plans.

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