In an effort to ensure optimum response time, the Emergency Ambulance Service is going to great lengths to make sure they are ???up to scratch???.

Speaking to the media following a ceremony in which four new ambulances were handed over to the service, Ambulance Officer, Andrew Brathwaite, said ???We believe that ambulance services live or die by response time and it is important that our training programmes are up to date.???

He revealed that currently all Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) would have completed an accredited EMT course and that presently they are working with the Barbados Community College on a short training course.

???On a yearly basis at our end we make sure that all of our staff goes through refreshers training???Every opportunity, in terms of overseas conferences, we make sure that our staff get the chance to go and that has brought tremendous success to us??????

Mr. Brathwaite also pointed to Barbados??? solid track record throughout the Caribbean with regards to Emergency Medical Service training and said that the island has more trained paramedics than any other English-speaking Caribbean country.

Staff members are trained in Basic Life Support, Mass Casualty Management, as well as Infection Control. In addition, Paramedics are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Paediatric Advanced Life Support.

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