Students at the American University of Barbados (AUB) have praised the medical college for being student centred.
This was emphasised at the inaugural awards ceremony of the AUB, last Friday, at its Wildey headquarters.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Kayla Odle, who made the Dean???s List, acknowledged that she decided to enroll at the college because of its ???small teacher to student ratio, which allows for more interaction and one-on-one time with the lecturers???.

She said of its instruction and faculty: ???Its goal is not only to create doctors, but outstanding medical scholars. The lecturers here at AUB are definitely playing a huge role in achieving this goal. Our lecturers inspire us, challenge us and remind us that the key to success is having the courage to maintain one???s enthusiasm even after failure.???

The AUB opened its doors here on February 10, 2012, as an offshore medical school. It is associated with the Era Medical College and Hospital in Lucknow, India and it has an American curriculum tailored to accommodate students from around the world. The university is also recognised by and listed in the international Medical Education Directory and is registered for accreditation with the Barbados Accreditation Council.

According to its Associate Director of Students, Admission, Lisa Neblett, students have been recruited from the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Nigeria and further interest is expected to come from students as far as the United Arab Emirates, India and Dubai.

???Secondary school students who have successfully completed CXC can enroll in a five-and a half-year programme whilst students with a degree qualify for our four-year programme,??? Ms.Neblett said.??She noted too, that plans were under way to move the AUB to a larger facility, capable of accommodating the influx of students by year-end.

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