An evening of storytelling, dubbed Crick Crack, will be hosted on the lawns of Erdiston Teachers??? Training College (ETTC), Pine Hill, St. Michael, on Saturday, October 10.

The event forms part of the activities to mark Education Month and targets students of all ages, and will run from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Coordinator of the event and Deputy Principal of the ETTC, Dr. Patricia Saul, while pointing out that it is ???really an evening for the entire family???, said:
???Storytelling is a very old but powerful medium of educating and we are going to be demonstrating stories in all their forms ??? stories in prose, poetry, dance, drama, calypso and jokes.???

She said Erdiston College was partnering yet again with the Barbados Association of Reading, and patrons could look forward to storytellers of a high caliber. They include Adrian Green, DJ Simmons, Daveney Ellis, George Francis, Janice Brathwaite-Thompson, Dancin??? Africa, Jermaine ???Cooper Dan??? Gittens, Deanne Kennedy and a tutor from the ETTC, Wesley Griffith.??Members of the public are invited to attend the storytelling session.

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