Love Poetry and Song will add another charity to its 2015 line-up.

It is the Family Care Support Group, formed in 1999 to help persons affected by HIV and AIDS, with a special emphasis on assisting children affected by the disease.

The charity hosts parties, fun days and summer camps for children, along with a back-to-school project, which sees them donating food and clothes.

It also hosts a programme for children in the organisation who have fallen behind at school and focuses on programmes and workshops for adults to help them find employment or start their own businesses.

Secretary of the Family Care Support Group, Judy Archer, thanked the Barbados Government information Service (BGIS) for allowing the organisation to be a part of the event.

She expressed the belief that the donations from the concert, which will be held on Saturday, February 14, at the Charles Fort, Hilton Barbados Resort, would greatly assist her organisation, which depends heavily on sponsorship and donations.

Sales Manager of Hilton Barbados Resort, Teresa Nichols, said that her company was happy to partner with the BGIS and to donate the venue to the cause free of cost.

???I had the pleasure of attending last year???s show at Ilaro Court and I was amazed at the effort that was put into the concert and the cause it represented. To have Hilton Barbados on board as an international brand, I think it will benefit the cause greatly,??? she stated.

Singer, Tabitha Johnson, who will be taking part in the show for the second consecutive year, said she was ???extremely happy??? to be a part of the event. She was of the view that it was essential for artistes to come together to support causes like the Food Bank and the Family Care Support Group.

???I look at music as a tool and if it is used correctly, it can be a healer and comforter. I was so happy when they asked me to be a part of the show again,??? she added.

All funds from Love Poetry and Song will be donated to the HIV Food Bank and to the Family Care Support Group. To date, the concert has raised over $65,000, along with barrels of food and personal care items.

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