Persons living in the Greater Bridgetown Area will get another opportunity to learn about the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI), when a community meeting is held on Wednesday, July 1, at Queen???s College, Husbands, St. James, starting at 6:00 p.m.

The ESCI is a technical assistance programme that helps intermediate cities in Latin America and the Caribbean to identify, prioritise and structure projects to improve their environmental, urban and fiscal sustainability.

Sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank, the ESCI will be jointly implemented by the public and private sectors and community-based organisations in the Greater Bridgetown Area.

The districts in that area include Nelson Street, New Orleans, Deacons Road, Haynesville, Bayland, Pinelands, Bush Hall, Clapham, Bonnetts and Carrington Village.

This initiative has provided emerging cities with a set of tools to detect key bottlenecks that they may face in their path towards sustainability, and to weigh and prioritise the identified urban problems to guide investment decisions in the sectors that may generate more influence.

Three studies crucial for the diagnostic phase of the ESCI will be developed. They are Climate Change Mitigation, Vulnerability and Environmental Risks Mapping and Urban Growth Analysis and Projections.

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