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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth is inviting persons aged 16 to 29 to register for its upcoming youth-focused programmes.

Interested young persons will have the opportunity to participate in the Ministry’s Youth Achieving Results Programme, which comprises Performing Arts and Visual Arts programmes. Both will run for eight months.

The Performing Arts Programme consists of Dance, Drama, Voice Training, Technical Theatre, as well as a Personal Development component, while the Visual Arts programme will offer training in costume design, jewellery making and garment construction.

Additionally, this year, the Ministry has included three-month programmes in advance jewellery making, drawing and illustration and wood carving.

Application forms are available from the Ministry, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael. The deadline for applications is Thursday, March 22. For more information, persons may contact Carolyn Garnes at 621-2700 ext. 268, or visit the website www.youthaffairs.gov.bb.


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