Owners of foodstalls and bars, food-handlers and concessionaires of Kadooment bands, who will be operating at Crop Over events, are advised by the Ministry of Health’s Environmental department that they must be in possession of temporary restaurant permits. This is a requirement under the Health Services (Restaurants) Regulations 1969 of the Health Services Act 1969, Cap. 44.??????

??Applications should be made to the relevant polyclinic no later than two weeks prior to the date of the event.?? This is in order "to facilitate timely processing of applications, as well as to allow Environmental Health Officers adequate time to execute thorough monitoring and surveillance of all premises and facilities where food for patrons will be prepared and stored".

Applicants are also reminded that they should provide information on the number and names of food handlers working at both stalls/bars and places of preparation; written permission from the owner(s) or agents of land where vending would be taking place (where applicable) and proof of access to sanitary facilities.

Late applications will not be accepted by the polyclinic. Only individuals in possession of the relevant documentation from the National Cultural Foundation for operating at the festivals will be processed.

Meanwhile, individuals involved in the handling, preparation, storage, transportation or serving of food at stalls, bars or premises must be in possession of a valid Medical Certificate obtained from a registered medical practitioner.

These should be submitted to the Environmental Health Department ??of polyclinics when applying for permits.

??The Temporary Restaurant Permit should be shown to the Environmental Health Officer during routine visits at the festival. jgill@barbados.gov.bb

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