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The Immigration Department has made yet another appointment system available online on its website http://www.immigration.gov.bb/ .??

Persons who have applied for citizenship and want to check on their applications will now be able to visit the website and make appointments to follow up on the progress made.??

According to Chief Immigration Officer, Erine Griffith, applicants who reside locally and overseas may also send their queries via email to the email address citizenship@barbados.gov.bb.??

The new service follows the successful launch of the Department’s website in December 2011, which saw the introduction of an appointment system to better facilitate nationals applying for their Barbados passports.

Ms Griffith explained that the new facility was introduced to further improve the service provided by the Department and in keeping with the promise made at the launch of the website in December 2011. It was stated then that the appointment system would be made available for all services to the public.??

She said that "persons who utilise the appointment system to track the progress of their citizenship application will experience reduced waiting periods in the office, or may find that it is not necessary to visit the office as queries may be resolved by telephone or an email to the applicant."?? She added that as appointments for other services offered by the Department became available, appropriate notice would be given.

For further information on citizenship appointments, persons may email the Department at citizenship@barbados.gov.bb or visit the Department’s web site.

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