Those persons with disabilities (PWDs) who missed the opportunity to participate in the March 11 Aquatic Day activity at Browne???s Beach now have three more events to benefit from the therapy provided by the sea.

Next month, the National Disabilities Unit (NDU) will hold three aquatic sessions. They will be on June 3 at the Enterprise Beach?????? in Christ Church; June 17 at Brandons, St. Michael; and June 24 at Browne???s Beach, St. Michael.???? Each will run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

According to Social Worker and coordinator of the aquatic sessions, Anita Batson, the events are being held because of the ???overwhelming response??? to the March 11 activity, and also ???in an effort to accommodate those persons who wish to continue with the programme, having experienced the benefits of doing so???.

She added: ???These sessions will also assist other PWDs who do not have the necessary support systems at home to get them to the sea.???

Ms. Batson also pointed out that the session being held at Enterprise would be targeting PWDs living in Christ Church, while the Brandons??? activity would be for individuals living in the north of the island.?? The Browne???s Beach event would be for persons from other parishes.

Persons with disabilities interested in participating in any of the sessions should call the NDU at 310-1650 to register. This would allow the NDU ???to make the necessary arrangements for their involvement???.

Last March, over 100 PWDs attended the second annual Aquatic Day activity at Browne???s Beach.??

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