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The importance of trees and their impact on the environment will feature prominently when the National Conservation Commission (NCC) hosts the Environmental/Arbor Expo at its Codrington, St. Michael, headquarters on Saturday, September 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The expo forms part of global celebrations to mark National Arbor Day, celebrated annually on September 22 under the theme: Trees – the Circle of Life. This year’s event will highlight various products and services consumed and used on a daily basis which are derived from trees.

Special Projects Officer at the NCC, Ricardo Marshall, said: “The Expo will provide an educational, motivational experience suitable for the entire family. It is intended to raise the environmental consciousness of the populace and assist in the cultivation of a more environmentally-conscious and friendly Barbados.”

He noted that emphasis will also be placed on increasing awareness of environmental issues, while environmentally-friendly products, services and ideas will be highlighted.

“The Expo will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about energy-saving techniques, and garner information that will assist them in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle,” he stated.

The Special Projects Officer added that visitors will also have the opportunity to attend a number of workshops and demonstrations focusing on a number of areas relating to greening. These include plant care, plant propagation, recycling, composting and alternative energy solutions.

Mr. Marshall said that the NCC, as is its custom, will be donating a limited number of trees to members of the public during the expo. In addition, discounts will be offered on selected plants during a sale on the same day.


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