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An invitation has gone out to the general public to actively participate in this month’s Arbor Day Tree Trivia contest.

Persons interested in taking part in the event should log on to the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) website at http://www.nccbarbados.gov.bb/.

The contest forms part of the celebrations leading up to this year’s Arbor Day Expo which comes off on September 22 at the NCC’s Codrington, St. Michael, headquarters.

Those taking part will have an opportunity to test their knowledge about trees and Arbor Day.

The contest, organised by the NCC, is open to all residents of Barbados 16 of age years and over. Only one entry per participant will be accepted.

All entries must be submitted online on the NCC’s website by 11:59 p.m. on September 19 for the draw which will take place during the Expo on September 22. The first entry that correctly answers all 10 questions will win a bench table.

However, the individual with the winning entry must be present at the Expo at the time of the draw and present his/her identification card to receive the prize. Alternatively, the winner may send a representative, who must have appropriate identification and that of the winner.

Employees and board members of the NCC and their families are not eligible to participate.

Details about the Arbor Day Tree Trivia Contest, may be found on the NCC website at http://www.nccbarbados.gov.bb/.


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