Next ??month’s National Arbor Day Expo is expected to be bigger and better!

Word of this has come from Special Projects Officer with the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Ricardo Marshall, who is appealing to persons with an interest in the environment, or whose core business is the provision of products or services derived from trees, to register as exhibitors. The deadline for registration is August 31.

"This year’s expo is definitely expected to be bigger and better. It looks like we are going to attract even more exhibits this year. A number of companies are already on board including the Future Centre Trust, the Barbados Agricultural Society, Earth Mother Botanicals, Bajan Balmz and the Soil Conservation Unit. We are trying to increase the number of exhibits, and also present a wider range of products and services that highlight the importance of trees," Mr. Marshall explained.

The NCC official further noted that despite the fact that the annual Expo is staged to highlight the importance of trees, as obtained in previous years, they would be inviting Government departments and private agencies with products or services related to environmental conservation to participate as exhibitors.

Registration forms are available from the Commission’s Codrington House, St. Michael headquarters, or online at .?? Interested persons?? are asked to register for the Expo by contacting Mr. Marshall?? or Beverly?? White, at the NCC,?? at telephone 425-1200 or 1202 02 1212.

The 4th annual Expo is slated to take place at Queen’s Park on Saturday, September 25, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. under the theme ???TREES: The Circle of Life’.

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