The Archives Department has taken issue with an unauthorised Facebook page and website that have been created under that organisation???s name.

In an interview with the Barbados Government Information Service, the Chief Archivist (Ag.) in the Archives Department, Ingrid Thompson, stated that ???the department is not connected to either the Facebook page or the website bearing the organisation???s name???.

Mrs. Thompson stressed that ???the page is not controlled, managed or maintained??? by her department.?????It is not an official website, and we have not authorised anyone to create a Facebook page on behalf of the Archives,??? she added.

While advising members of the public against supporting the unsanctioned site, the Acting Chief Archivist further expressed her disapproval of the online pages.

???The Archives Department is a Government organisation, and as such the Barbados Government Information Service is primarily responsible for our public relations. It is inappropriate for an unauthorised individual to take it upon themselves to reproduce information under the guise of a professional government institution,??? she stated.

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