Matters pertaining to tourism and the re-opening of an embassy here, were among the areas discussed, when Argentina???s Ambassador, Diego Limeres, paid a courtesy call on Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy.

During the meeting at the Ministry, the Ambassador acknowledged the importance of tourism to the island???s development and disclosed that it was also an important activity in his country as well.

In turn, Mr. Sealy said he welcomed the decision by the government of Argentina to re-open an embassy in Barbados. He added that having a resident Ambassador in Barbados would help to strengthen the existing bilateral relationship.

The Tourism Minister also discussed the impact the global economic crisis was having on the island???s major source market, the United Kingdom, and the challenges experienced by Barbados as a result.

???The UK source market worked extremely well for us when the economy was booming. But since they started to have some challenges, obviously it has affected us. So, we have been trying to find other avenues to source visitors, and Latin America is a natural place???,??? Mr. Sealy noted.

Argentina and Barbados established diplomatic ties in 1968.

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