Argentina???s Ambassador to Barbados, Marcelo Aldo Salviolo, has hailed the decision to reopen an Embassy here as one of the highlights of his tour of duty.

Speaking during a farewell call at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last Tuesday, the Ambassador said he was impressed with the achievements of the Caribbean ??? a point which has been discussed with his colleagues in various fora.

???I have been in the region for five years and I have had the opportunity to learn and to transmit to my colleagues that each Caribbean country is different???it is a different culture, different characteristics and you have to pay attention and respect the differences,??? he underlined.

In turn, Senator McClean said she hoped the proposed reopening of the Embassy and the conclusion of an outstanding Air Services Agreement and the signing of a Double Taxation Agreement, would lead to more Argentinian visitors and stronger bilateral relations.

???The decision to reopen the Embassy is one that we appreciate very much because it???s an opportunity to strengthen our relations. We also have some ongoing business which we will be able to complete and as the new Ambassador comes, we hope that we can sit to discuss a technical cooperation agreement, for example. We are looking to increase our exports and to create opportunities for our cultural services sector ??? an area which we are trying to build the visual arts, music and film,??? he added.

Senator McClean said South America was a ???massive market??? and Argentina, like Brazil, offered a lot of opportunities for businesses. She added that she looked forward to working with the new Ambassador.

Barbados and Argentina established diplomatic relations on August 16, 1968.

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