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The National Library Service will host an art exhibition entitled Voices of the Fisheries under the theme Preserving Our Local Fisheries Knowledge for Future Generations.

Interested persons are invited to view the exhibition, free of cost, from Monday, November 18, to Friday, November 29, at the National Library Service, Independence Square, Bridgetown.

The exhibition, which is being held in collaboration with the National Cultural Foundation, will feature several local artists. 

They are Virgil Broodhagen, Markley Clarke, Debra Durant, Susan Alleyne-Forde, Sir Henry Fraser, Rodney Ifill, Glenroy Jordan, Neville Legall, Everick Lyndon, Jill McIntyre, Don Junior Small, Lorna Wilson, and Sheri Nicholls.

The Voices of the Fisheries art exhibition forms part of the National Library Service’s build-up of activities for We Gatherin’ 2020. 


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