Government is moving swiftly ahead with plans to provide a home for the National Art Gallery Committee (NAGC).

Minister of Community Development and Culture, Steve Blackett made this disclosure today, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Black Diaspora Visual Arts Symposium at the Frank Collymore Hall.

He revealed that the necessary legislation had been drafted and all that remained was the proclamation of the National Art Gallery Act.

According to Minister Blackett, a building has been indentified at the Garrison; however, the requisite work had to be carried out to ensure the structure adequately meets the needs of the NAGC.

He pointed out that the Committee had spent a lot of time studying the design of several internationally renowned galleries, and as such had made several recommendations.

Among these was that the institution should not be perceived as elitist and be more than just an art gallery.

“If the needs of our society are to be met adequately, then it should be a blend of Art Gallery, Museum and Cultural Centre. We do not want it to be a place where people just come and stare at art on the walls…it must offer a dynamic interactive experience,” he explained.

While acknowledging that the establishment of the gallery would be a costly undertaking, Mr. Blackett stressed that it was a project to which the Government was fully committed.

The two-day, Black Diaspora Visual Arts Symposium involves presentations by international artists and filmmakers and several exhibitions have been mounted in and around Bridgetown.

Several scholars, curators and artists who have made key contributions in culture and the arts are participating in the event. 

It will also be an opportunity for the local art community and wider audience to participate in discussions on the area and it will provide exposure for local artists to a panel of distinguished experts in related fields.

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