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Government is embarking on a National Public Art initiative which is expected to transform the exterior wall structures of its buildings into inspirational and thought-provoking art installations which reflect the vision of Barbados’ future.

Entitled FutureSpaces, this initiative falls under the Vision 2020 National Transformation Strategy, which has We Gatherin’ 2020 as its flagship project.

In phase one of this project, the western side of the General Post Office in Bridgetown has been identified for the commissioning of an original hand-painted, captivating and culturally relevant large scale exterior mural.

The theme for the mural design is: A Vision for Our Future, and an individual or group of artists may submit only one design digitally, via email attachment, to Jonathan Reid, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister at jonathan.reid@barbados.gov.bb, on or before Monday, September 30, by4:30 p.m. The communication should carry a caption/subject: Vision 2020 Future Spaces – Mural Painting Design Submission.

The individual artist or group of artists should nominate a leader or contact person whose details should be made available in the email, along with an estimate of the cost for the installation of the mural. Additionally, the entry may contain text as well as supporting images to explain the concept of the artwork. The attached files must not exceed 5 MB in size and the image size should be 5000px X 3500px in JPG format.

 The selection of the design and subsequent awarding of the work will be done by the Vision 2020 National Public Art Selection Committee. The work will be evaluated on artistic quality, originality and the interpretation of the theme. Decisions of the selection committee are final and irrevocable, and its verdict cannot be appealed.

 The cost for installation of the mural will be paid by the Prime Minister’s Office in three installments and the work must be executed within 12 weeks of granting the work order.

There are a number of guidelines for the project, including that the artwork should be done with all-weather grade materials on the exterior of the building; the winning design of the mural painting will be the sole property of the Prime Minister’s Office and the submitted design should be original and not be subject to any copyright infringement. Plagiarism in any form will disqualify participation.            

For additional information on the mural design, interested persons should contact Chereda Grannum, Project Officer, Vision 2020 Project Implementation Unit at 535-7532, via email at chereda.grannum@barbados.gov.bb, or by clicking Vision 2020 “Future Spaces” to download the information.


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