Minister of Health, Donville Inniss

Business persons in the immediate environs of the Fairchild Street Market should not be concerned about the removal of the asbestos roof which is scheduled to take place in coming weeks.?? It forms part of Government’s plans to demolish the market.

Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, gave this assurance today after touring the facility, accompanied by environmental health officers. He disclosed that the first order of business was to remove the sheets of asbestos on the roof of the dilapidated structure. The next step would be hoarding up the building, followed by its demolition.

The Health Minister explained that the Ministry of Public Works was authorised by the Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of the Environment, to remove and dispose of the life-threatening asbestos.

"So, this will not be done without the involvement of the Environmental Protection Department. I’ve seen the plans they have to remove the roof, which includes, perhaps blocking the street off for a couple of hours or a day or so and putting in the necessary hoarding … The guys are equipped to do this; they know what to do," Mr. Inniss said.

He added that once the building was demolished, it would call for policing and vigilance on the part of the responsible ministries to ensure that vending was not resumed on that site.

"Let’s be frank about this, once you take down this building and the place is not well policed, you will find several persons coming to set up stalls here again to expand their facilities. So, the onus falls then to the Ministry of Agriculture – its Markets Division – to adequately police the environs to ensure we do not have a repeat of this again where you have individuals coming and setting up regardless of the conditions. The Ministry of Health will not tolerate it; the officers in the Ministry of Health will continue to be vigilant, inspecting these facilities and taking appropriate action where necessary," Mr. Inniss underscored.


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