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As the Christmas season progresses, a local law enforcement official is asking persons to exercise caution when using the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM).

Crime Prevention Officer, Sergeant Roland Cobbler, issued this plea while stating that during the Yuletide season "there is usually a manifestation of a number of occurrences and one such is theft."

He cautioned that individuals should avoid using an ATM by themselves and should always take someone with them or use it when others are around.

"When you go to an ATM, look around.?? If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, or anyone who looks suspicious do not use the ATM.?? Either use one at another location, or return later; and remember to notify police of your suspicions," he stressed.

Emphasising that it was also important for persons to protect their Personal Identification Number, the Crime Prevention Officer stressed it was of "equal importance that individuals did not enter their PIN if anyone else could see the screen or keypad.

"Also, if possible, avoid using the ATM after dark.?? If you must, choose one that is well lit and not in an isolated location."

Adding that it was crucial for persons when conducting their transactions to stay alert to their surroundings, Sergeant Cobbler noted that "when you have completed your dealings leave immediately and avoid counting or otherwise displaying large sums of cash.

"Remember, that in crime prevention, doing it right the first time makes a significant difference.?? Don’t be a victim," he said.


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