Attorney General Dale Marshall and new Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy, David Schnier, chatting during their recent courtesy call. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

The United States Government’s assistance in the provision of training and resources in key areas came in for high commendation by Attorney General Dale Marshall, as he welcomed the new Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Bridgetown, David Schnier.

During a recent courtesy call at the Office of the Attorney General, WIldey, St. Michael, Mr. Marshall told the Deputy Chief of Mission that their support, over the years, had helped to correct the deficits in manpower in critical areas.

“Our challenges tend to be in the areas of manpower and resources and it prevents us in many ways from focusing on core areas …. It is in that regard that the assistance that your country provides is especially helpful,” he stated.

The Attorney General mentioned the excellent relations with the United States and expressed optimism of an even stronger partnership with that North American country.

Mr. Schnier pledged to continue the cordial relations, adding that although there were high expectations in Washington about Barbados’ development status, he would continue to be a voice for the realities of small island developing states. 

“I see my job here as translating and informing of the realities of small island states and assisting you to meet their expectations with training, assistance and any other areas. So, please, count on us for that,” the Deputy Chief of Mission underlined.  

Mr. Schnier replaces former Deputy Chief of Mission, Joaquin Monserrate.

In his diplomatic career, he has served as Director of the Executive Secretariat Staff in the Office of the Secretary of State, the White House National Security Council as Director for Brazil and the Andes, and Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the United States Embassies in Manila, Philippines, and Lima, Peru.

Mr. Schnier also worked as a journalist, a teacher and as a Political, Economic and Consular Officer at the US Embassies in Rabat, Morocco, and Accra, Ghana.

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