Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, will address the launch. (FP)

Greater access to Barbados’ Laws will soon become a reality.

This will come to fruition with the Attorney General’s Office’s launch of a Legislative Information Management Systems (LIMS) project, tomorrow, Thursday, May 10, at 3:30 p.m. at its Wildey headquarters.

Word of this has come from Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Shirley Bell, who said "the project will introduce technological advances, which will enable us to draft legislation more efficiently and also to update and consolidate the laws more quickly."

Stating that the laws would be available via the internet, thereby allowing greater access for parliamentarians, judges, lawyers, business persons, students, researchers and other members of the general public, the Chief Parliamentary Counsel pointed out that the LIMS project "will fully computerise the Office and, in so doing, modernise and bring a higher level of efficiency and productivity to all aspects of the preparation and production of legislation."

She continued: "While this is a time consuming task, it is well worth it to ensure the integrity of what is placed on the website.?? The aim is to update the website frequently, at least quarterly in the initial stages, which would make it the most up-to-date site in the region, as on average most countries up-date their Laws on a two-year cycle," the Chief Parliamentary Counsel clarified.

While adding that our Laws also act as a catalyst for the financial and economic growth of our country, and it would now be possible for business persons to have access to the updated Laws which govern their business affairs, Ms. Bell said that the laws impact on the lives of every citizen in some way, from the very day on which that person was born.

"The availability of laws will improve the administration of justice, as citizens will be in a position to know their rights and obligations under the law.?? This will also empower them to be able to enforce and insist on their rights and, by so doing, provide greater protection of the law, as well as enable persons to plan their affairs in accordance with the law."

The Attorney General’s Chambers, through the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, provides legislative drafting services and advice in an impartial and responsive manner to Parliament, the Barbados Government and public sector agencies.?? The Office is also responsible for law reform matters, the revision of the law and the incorporation of amendments into principal legislation.

IROSOFT, a Montreal- based world leader in Acts and Regulations Management Solutions, in collaboration with Montreal’s ESI Technologies, has signed an agreement for the implementation of its LIMS suite, a complete legislative management system.??LIMS is currently being used by the Departments of Justice in Bermuda, Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as by Quebec City. Part of the suite is also being used by the Government of the Bahamas.??


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