Reverend Buddy Larrier presenting Acting Deputy Director of the National Library Service, Beverley Archer, with one of his texts while Editor of the texts and founder of Passionate Words Editing Services, Robert Gibson looks on. (A. Hinds/BGIS)

Barbadian authors, their work and any literature on Barbados will continue to be supported and highlighted by the National Library Service (NLS).

This assurance came yesterday from Acting Deputy Director, of the NLS, Beverley Archer, as she commended the latest books to be deposited to that institution by Reverend Buddy Larrier, and entitled: Against the Edge, Patient Or Prisoner; The Beast, The Devil’s Friend and The Journey From Afrika To Barbados and Back.

 Ms. Archer said: “The National Library Service continues to embrace those persons who ascribe to be authors, those persons who cement themselves in the present and project themselves into the future by writing and telling their own story. The Reverend Buddy Larrier is leaving nothing to chance. He is using his own words, his perspective, his truth to tell his own story. The library thanks Reverend Larrier for recognising that the National Library Service of Barbados is the place to make a positive, literary investment.”

While pointing out that the library, moving into its 175th year of existence, was more committed to increasing efficiency and timeliness to access of information, she stressed: “Depositing your book at the library sets the authentication of place and time of your action. We urge all persons to deposit to the national collection of reference and heritage material written by Barbadians, written about Barbadians or about Barbados.”

Reverend Buddy Larrier showing one of his texts to those attending the presentation ceremony at the National Library Service. (A. Hinds/BGIS)

Those present were also urged to spread the word to encourage others to bring their material and secure their place in time. “With the headquarters, seven branch libraries and the schools’ mobile unit and the recent social media platforms, we encourage you to use the facilities. Let us preserve and continue to share your story as only you can tell it,” said the Deputy Director (Ag).

Meanwhile, Mr. Larrier, speaking to the rationale behind his texts, said: “In 1977, my vision was a vivid picture of a new political and economic order for the 21st century based on truth, justice and peace, healing and reconciliation and a new political awakening for Barbadians and other people of the Caribbean as leaders in world affairs.” 

Editor of three of Mr. Larrier’s texts, Robert Gibson, reinforcing that the author was a visionary, said his books showed him as “someone who has seen a vision and wanted to explore that vision in a way that would benefit all of society”.  Pointing out that the author uses his own experiences of his family to explore unification of African people throughout the entire diaspora, Mr. Gibson said: “Read them and learn from them, because as a people we need to know where we have been, so we will know where we are going.”

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