Visitors to Barbados and sea bathers in general are being encouraged to avoid the use of alcohol when going to the beach this Yuletide season.

This call has come from Special Projects Officer at the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Ricardo Marshall and Head of the Department of Lifeguard Services at the NCC, Dave Bascombe.

Mr. Marshall said people usually drank a lot of alcohol around this time of the year and then go to the beach. But, he is warning that this is not a safe practice.

He also urged people to take care of the beach facilities around the island, and to place their garbage in the bins provided. "What you do on land can have an impact on the sea," Mr. Marshall said.

He further advised all sea bathers to listen and adhere to the advice of lifeguards on duty at the various beaches across the island, and to obey the warnings of flags posted. The Special Projects Officer added that the presence of lifeguards on beaches usually increased around this time of year to accommodate the many beach goers.

Those beaches with lifeguards assigned are the Crane Beach in St. Philip; Enterprise Beach, Maxwell; Dover Beach, and Rockley Beach, in Christ Church; Needham’s Point, Graves Inn, Brownes Beach South, Brownes Beach North, Brandons, and Batts Rock, St. Michael; Holetown, Folkestone, and Royal Pavilion in St. James; Bathsheba, St. Joseph and Bath, in St. John.

Mr. Bascombe also urged beach goers to adhere to the advice of lifeguards, and avoid drinking alcohol. "Sometimes, people are so much under the influence that we [the lifeguards] need to get help in getting them off the beaches for their own safety," he said, again urging them to avoid this practice.


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