Barbados Accreditation Council Executive Director, Lisa Gale, speaking at a church service in celebration of the BAC’s 16th anniversary at the St. George Parish Church. (BAC)

To mark the start of celebrations for its 16th anniversary, the Barbados Accreditation Council joined Senator the Rev Dr. John Rogers and his congregation at St. George Parish Church in worship.

In attendance were current staff; members of the Board, led by Chairman Ann Lady Hewitt; as well as former Executive Director, Dr. Valda Alleyne, and former Administrative Officer, Mary Bruce.

In her address to the congregation, current Executive Director, Lisa Gale, spoke about the past years, acknowledging and showing gratitude for the foundation laid by the former Executive Director.

She also spoke of the plans for the future with the Barbados Qualifications and Credit Framework (BQCF) project, which started several years ago.

She noted: “Recently, we have made a decision to continue the development and implementation of the BQCF.

“The BQCF is critical to the next phase of quality assurance and quality enhancement for higher education in Barbados. The BQCF’s main aim is to ensure standardisation in programme design and development. A revitalised qualifications framework stands to augur well for Barbados, its citizens and its national development.”

Along with the BQCF, Ms Gale spoke of the other plans currently in progress, such as the Barbados Qualifications Register (BQR) that serves as a database of accredited programmes, qualifications and institutions.

“This is expected to be managed by the Barbados Accreditation and Qualifications Authority (BAQA) – which is to replace the BAC in its current structure, notwithstanding its existing functions. Much groundwork has already begun and we are committed to continuing this important work,” she stated.

The Executive Director added that the current BAC team was up for the task ahead as they sought to build on the work started some 16 years ago.

She outlined the ongoing goals being reached in the current strategic plan and underscored the values of leadership, professionalism, integrity, quality and teamwork as the bedrock of the BAC.

Barbados Accreditation Council

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