Persons with Backlog Cases could soon have their civil cases addressed now that the Supreme Court has embarked on a Backlog Reduction Project.

The project, which took effect from February 1, will at the outset address civil cases filed in the High Court between January 1, 1990 and September 30, 2009.

According to an official from the Registrar of the Supreme Court: "A Practice Direction No. 1/2013 has been issued by the Chief Justice on the Backlog Reduction Project which includes directions on the Status Hearings and Forms for the use in the Process."

For this purpose a "Backlog Case", as defined in paragraph 1.2 of the Practice Direction, means a "High Court Civil action filed under the Rules of the Supreme Court 1982 within the period January 1, 1990 and September 30, 2009 and which remains undetermined."

Therefore, any person with Backlog Cases is requested to inspect the Practice Direction, together with the relevant Forms and the Annual Lists of Backlog Cases on the Court’s website at, and afterwards contact their attorneys-at-law concerning the status of their cases.

Once this process is completed, individuals and their attorneys-at-law will receive a notice from the Registrar seeking information with respect to their status.

In addition, those persons who are not represented by an attorney-at-law should contact the High Court Section of the Registration Department, 3rd Floor, Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark Road, St. Michael for further information.

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