Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development, Christopher Sinckler (centre), makes a point to the media following a tour of the UDC. Also pictured are Permanent Secretary in that Ministry, Sonja Welch, and Director of the UDC, Sarston Lavine.

“Bad” contractors seeking work with the Urban Development Commission (UDC) are advised not “to bother”.

That warning came from new Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development, Christopher Sinckler, during a media briefing earlier today, while visiting the UDC.

“They aren’t getting any work while I am in charge of this Ministry with responsibility for the UDC.  I have told the Director that you can write all of them and tell them … thank you very much for your association… As the Prime Minister said ‘Ever so welcome, wait for a call’, because they aren’t getting a call,” he remarked.

“They have raided the Treasury of Barbados, disadvantaged the poor in this country and did it with a callous disregard for the impact of poverty in Barbados. … Whatever they feel that they’ve gotten… and benefited from … but don’t come back,” Minister Sinckler said.  

“That’s why we have put clear procedures in place to ensure that these people are properly monitored and properly assessed, that they must have a track record and that they have to report.  I have told the Board, just as I have told the Director and I will tell the staff, if you allow other people to come in here and destroy the institution which provides you with employment, it would soon have to close, because the Government can’t keep throwing money down a well, we just can’t do it,” he stressed.

“It is the responsibility of every member in here and every Director of the Board to ensure that the standards we have developed are met, and held to the strictest possible level.  … The fun is over… I will not be tolerating it,” the Minister added. 

Mr. Sinckler also revealed that the UDC would be retaining on staff or by retainer contract the services of quantity surveyors to deal with the work of contractors and engineers.  According to him, this type of system would also be implemented at the Rural Development Commission.  

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