The red palm mite.??(FP)??

A leading Entomologist is reminding Barbadians to be on the lookout for the Red Palm Mite Pest.

This appeal has come from Entomologist at the Ministry of Agriculture, Ian Gibbs, who advised persons that if they suspect that they might have it (the pest) on their palms, coconut trees, orchids, ginger lilies or heliconias, to contact the Ministry of Agriculture, as soon as possible.

"We have been surveying all species of plants including coconuts… and so far we have not found this pest. However, we are surrounded on all sides by countries infested by this pest," he explained.

The Agriculture Officer also pointed out that right now in Trinidad and Tobago, coconut production is down by 75 per cent because of the pest.

"Barbadians need to take this seriously.?? We can’t take any risks where this pest is concerned.?? We have to stop it in its tracks," he cautioned.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Agriculture, at telephone number 434-5000.

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