COVID Update (April 25) feat. Ministers of Health, People Empowerment, and Labour

COVID Update (April 25) feat. Ministers of Health, People Empowerment, and Labour

Posted by Barbados Government Information Service on Saturday, April 25, 2020
COVID- 19 update featuring Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw; Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde; and Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel, Jeffrey Bostic. (PMO)

Barbadians are responding favourably to the recently launched Adopt-A-Family Programme, with close to $500,000  received, so far, to assist families in need.

This disclosure came today from acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw, while she was at Ilaro Court, participating in a COVID-19 update press conference, via Zoom.

She noted that Government had received very positive responses to the programme, even though some persons in society were grappling with their own financial circumstances.

“Ordinary Barbadians, businesses… and private sector individuals have been quite receptive, and we have started to see funds coming in. The Unit has started the process of going through the list of persons who have been identified as requiring assistance and I know they are working to get necessary assistance to those households….

“Of course, we would always want more to come in to be able to address the various needs, but we welcome what has been given to date,” she stated.

Ms. Bradshaw said approximately 1500 households had been identified and the relevant authorities were working to assist.

The Adopt-A-Family Programme was launched just over a month ago and members of the public, including those from the business community, are encouraged to make direct deposits to account number 1001193982, at CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Broad Street.

Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw participating in a COVID-19 update press conference, via Zoom, at Ilaro Court today. (PMO)

The acting Prime Minister disclosed that 175 tests were conducted on Friday at the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory and of the 52 test results received, two positive cases had been recorded.

However, she said those two cases were of “deep concern” to Government because they were directly connected to three preceding cases. “We are seeing a worrisome scenario developing,” she stated.

When questioned about relaxing the curfew, Ms. Bradshaw said the current directive was being re-examined. The committee, she said, was listening and taking note of the public’s concerns.

“But we are obviously always trying to balance the public health concerns as well. We made those relaxations known to the public, we continue to hear from the various stakeholders, and I believe sometime next week a new directive will be given in terms of the way that we proceed.

“Obviously, these new cases have perhaps put us in a different position than we would have been a few days ago when we were getting no positive cases and I think Barbadians need to be mindful of that as well. We are not trying to keep them on lockdown or to limit their activity for any other reason than it is for their safety at this point in time,” she insisted.

Ms. Bradshaw stressed that the Ministry of Health must be allowed to conduct the necessary contact tracing to guide Government’s decision regarding any variation of the curfew.

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