Dr. Denis Lowe

A delicate balance!

This is what Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, believes needs to be struck between providing social outlets for Barbadians and allowing persons to enjoy relative peace and quiet within their homes and communities.

Making it clear that Government would, at the right time, speak to the whole issue of noise pollution and the direction which should be taken in terms of legislation, Dr. Lowe maintained that “a progressive small island society has to create the kinds of social outlets for its citizens to engage in.

 “On the one hand, people say that too many young people are getting themselves involved in mischief and, on the other hand, when you seek to provide well-organised activities there is another segment of society that says that we should live in quiet.

“I believe that we are going to have to go forward trying to strike that delicate balance where our entertainment activities are so well-organised and managed that we never lose sight of the importance of citizens to be able to enjoy the sanctity of their homes and their communities,” he underlined.

“It is not an ‘us versus them’ issue, but it is one where we need to continue to talk to ensure that we can have that kind of balanced experience in society.”

In keeping with this approach, Dr. Lowe highlighted ongoing plans to convert the 254 acres of land adjacent to the National Conservation Commission (NCC), which was earmarked for the Botanical Gardens, to a public park.

This, he noted, would create an open area accessible to members of the public and families, complete with appropriate footpaths, seating arrangements, and bike paths.

“Of course it is within the zone one area, so there can be no construction, but we are going to try to ensure that it becomes another central park. It is all part of our environmental thrust to ensure that while we preserve our green space we also create opportunities for socialisation,  and for persons to be able to participate,” Minister Lowe said.

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