As part of celebrations to observe the 375th Anniversary of Parliament, a Heraldic Ceremonial Banner and the First Day Covers of a commemorative stamp issue were unveiled in a short ceremony held in the foyer of Parliament last evening.

Both were revealed by Governor General, Sir Elliott Belgrave, and Speaker of the House, Michael Carrington, prior to the Joint Sitting of Parliament.

Clerk of Parliament, Pedro Eastmond, read a proclamation to signal the unveiling of the banner and stamps.

He explained that the ceremonial banner was rendered by heraldic artist Ann Rudder, and featured the Barbados Parliament design, as well as an inlaid circular device to represent a notary seal, placed upon a silhouette of the louvered West and East Parliament Buildings.

???A parish map of a verdant green Barbados is centrally placed. Thereupon, a representation of the teak Speaker???s Chair from the House of Assembly. This was a gift of Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Muni Lal, to Barbados upon our 1966 independence,??? Mr. Eastmond added, in his description of the banner. Adjacent to the chair is the Silver Gilt Ceremonial Mace carried by the Sargeant-of-Arms.

The banner also highlights carvings which indicate a balance of justice; two five- pointed stars to indicate light and spirit; and two ???majestic??? columns akin to the Pillars of Sarnath, to signify the doctrine of non-violence.

The commemorative stamp issue features the 10 cent, Sir Conrad Reeves; 65 cent, The Speaker???s Chair; $1.40, Sir Kenmore Husbands; $2.00, King Charles 1; and a $5.00 Souvenir Sheet featuring the Mace, the Bridgetown Coat of Arms and the Clock Tower.

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