Barbadian artist Ras Ishi Butcher is making waves in the Bahamas with his recently concluded solo exhibition entitled "Secrets Unlocked".

"Secrets" marks the first time in the history of the National Gallery of the Bahamas that an entire exhibition has been devoted to the work of a foreign artist.

Following the success of Ishi’s "Secret Diaries" held last January, National Gallery of the Bahamas Curator, Holly Parotti and Acting Director, David Bailey, invited Ras Ishi to display his work, along with an additional 20 paintings from private collections and selections from the National Art Gallery Committee of Barbados Collection (NAGC).??

"Secrets Unlocked", which ran from April to August 2010, received significant attention in the Bahamas’ press including two full-page, full-colour reviews.

Ras Ishi was recently invited back to the Bahamas to conduct a workshop for art teachers, and this month, he travels to Liverpool, England, where he will participate in the Liverpool Biennial, an international, multi-artist exhibition.

Articles on Ras Ishi’s exhibition in the Nassau Guardian and The Tribune, as well as further information on the Liverpool Biennial can be viewed on the NAGC’s website

Author: Andr?? Skeete

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