Scores of Chinese used every opportunity to get autographs from a group of Barbadian artistes who participated in the second Latin American and Caribbean Music Festival recently.

Barbadian artistes, headed by cultural ambassador Anthony Gabby Carter, included singer Nikita Browne, keyboardist, Stephan Walcott, percussionist and pannist, Andre Forde, dancer/choreographer, Gene Carson, film maker and Lisa Harewood, thrilled the large crowd at the Chaoyang Park, Beijing, at the May 1 to 3 event.

The more than 9, 000 patrons gathered in the Park, rocked and swayed to the infectious songs of the Mighty Gabby and Nikita. After the performance, the excited music lovers mobbed the artists seeking autographs and information about Barbados and its music.

Barbados??? Ambassador to China, Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, said the group???s performance made Barbados proud and he encouraged the performers to continue to improve their skills. They also met with a local promoter to explore possibilities for long-term contracts in China.

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, who also attended the performance, said the artistes were ???true ambassadors of Barbados???.

Also among the delegation was jeweller, Angela Went. Her impressive array of handmade jewellery was a hit with the crowd. It was also a dream come true for filmmaker, Ms. Harewood, who was able to show her film to the capacity crowd.

She also oversaw the filming of the Barbadian performance which will be reproduced as a documentary.

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