Veterinary Laboratory Technologist, Kerrilyn Pilgrim (left) and Senior Animal Health Assistant, Bryan Sanford (second left) listen attentively during a training session at the Argentine Food Safety and Quality Service Agency in Buenos Aires. (FP)

Two veterinary services officers in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security recently received Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) training in Argentina.

After the successful launching of the Triangular Cooperation Project Argentina/PAHO/CARICOM on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Bridgetown, Senior Animal Health Assistant, Bryan Sanford, and Veterinary Laboratory Technologist, Kerrilyn Pilgrim, travelled to Buenos Aires, to attend training sessions at Argentine Food Safety and Quality Service Agency (SENASA), from Sunday, October 20, to Friday, October 25.

This South/South collaborative initiative is in line with Argentina´s commitment to fostering stronger ties with the Caribbean, in areas such as Agriculture, Sports, Food Security, Fish Waste Silage and Honey Production.

Argentine Ambassador to Barbados, Gustavo Martinez Pandiani, highlighted that antimicrobial resistance causes death, illness, and economic challenges worldwide.  Its spread undermines the efficacy and effectiveness of treatments for infections.  That is why AMR is recognized today not only as a major public health problem, but also as a huge developmental challenge. This cooperation project aims to build capacity and support the region in achieving compliance with the International Health Regulations”.

Ambassador Pandiani, praised PAHO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security for their contribution, and pointed out: “The commitment of Argentina to this ambitious initiative is reflected in the involvement of three ministries of our national government: Health, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, and two of our most prestigious specialized agencies: SENASA and Instituto Malbrán (National Infectious Diseases Institute).”

Mr. Sanford and Mrs. Pilgrim, who participated in the seminar, described the training as very productive and useful, in that Barbados could utilize the information to develop and implement a national action plan against antimicrobial resistance, and protect the health of our people and animals.

The week-long training in Buenos Aires also allowed the Barbadian officers the opportunity to share experiences, frameworks and guidelines with their Argentine counterparts. 

Embassy of Argentina

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