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Barbadians who are studying in the United States of America (USA) are invited to apply for interest-free loans through the Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund (Rowe Fund).

The Rowe Fund is an education loan programme designed to supplement student expenses up to US$15,000.

Applicants must be enrolled in graduate studies, exchange programmes, professional training or be in the last two years of undergraduate studies in the USA. The other programmes should be a minimum duration of one semester, and not exceed two years.

Repayment of these interest-free loans will take place after the completion of studies. Successful applicants must return to their country of origin within a year of finishing their training, in order to enable intercultural exchange and socioeconomic development in the region.

Students may apply throughout the year to the Rowe Fund. Interested persons may view the Rowe Fund’s brochure, financial guide, frequently asked questions and online application forms by clicking here


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