Barbadians from all walks of life are being encouraged to commit to creating positive changes in their lives, communities and country throughout the year.

This call came today from Chairman of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Coordinating Committee, Senator Maxine McClean, as she launched the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Website and ???I Pledge??? programme in the Bridgetown Conference Room, Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael.

Leading by example, Senator McClean made the following pledge: ???I pledge to recommit to a balanced life, giving due attention to my spiritual and physical well-being in order to better serve the people of Barbados.???

Students from the West Terrace and Eden Lodge Primary Schools also made pledges, as well as Director of the Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission, Jacqueline Wiltshire; Canon Noel Burke; and Chief Executive Officer of Signia Financial Services, Paul Ashby. Some of the pledges were written in a pledge book, while others were posted on the 50th Anniversary Facebook page.

Senator McClean explained that the concept of Barbadians making a pledge was in keeping with the theme for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, which was Pride and Industry, Celebrating 50. She pointed out that while persons were encouraged to be creative and innovative with their pledges, guidelines had been identified which would be used and promoted at the national level.

She highlighted the following months and identified the corresponding themes as follows: February ??? Love Safely; March ??? Promote Health and Wellness (with special emphasis on persons with disabilities); April ??? Embrace Opportunities for Entrepreneurship and Business Development; May ??? Celebrate our Nation???s Future ??? Our Children; June ??? Protect our Environment, Preserve our Heritage; July ??? Buy Local, Support Local, Plant Local; August ??? Commit to Barbados (with special emphasis on the diaspora); September ??? Perform a Random Act of Kindness; and October ??? Be Aware and Assist in Crime Prevention.

Pledges can be made at the individual, community, corporate, church, service clubs or schools levels, and may be written in pledge books, which will be placed in strategic locations across the island. Pledges may also be made through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. ??The 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations website is located at

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