Persons or businesses producing a variety of Barbadian products and services for tourists are invited to participate in the 2016 Food Trekking Awards being organised by the World Food Travel Association.

This is the world???s first global competition for the recognition of excellence in food and beverage experience for travellers.

The categories are: Best food or beverage destination; Best winery experience; Best beer experience; Best food or beverage tour operator; and Best food service experience for travellers.

There will be 15 winners this year ??? one grand prize and a second and third prize for each category, chosen by an international panel of expert judges. The winners will also receive global recognition for an entire year, and will be announced in the World Travel Association???s newsletter, which has a readership of 24,000 persons. Winners will also be featured in the World Food Travel Association???s Founder???s Blog and on other social media groups.

The competition is open until Tuesday, March 1, and eligible businesses, destinations and organisations can access more information and submit entries at Winners should be announced on Friday, April 1.

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