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As Barbadians fight to protect themselves from the coronavirus, they are being reminded that good nutrition is an important factor in wellness as it supports a strong immune system.

This reminder has come from acting Nutrition Officer in the National Nutrition Centre, Ministry of Health and Wellness, Glencill Taylor, who said no single food, vitamin, mineral or supplement could aid in disease prevention or recovery as much as a well-balanced diet.

Mrs. Taylor continued: “As you consider ways to protect the health of yourself and your family, focus on providing adequate amounts of nutritious foods in the diet every day.

“Choosing a healthy plate at mealtime is one sure way to give your immune system a boost every day.  Fill half your plate with different types of vegetables and fruit, and add lean protein foods to one quarter of the plate and starchy foods that are higher in fiber in the other quarter.”

The acting Nutrition Officer suggested members of the public should:

  • Include different types of fruit, which may be fresh, frozen or dried.

  • Select a variety of colourful vegetables, including dark green, red and orange varieties.

  • Prepare starchy foods that are higher in fibre, such as whole grains and ground provisions.

  • Include protein options with less fat, such as dried peas and beans, lean cuts of meat, fish or poultry and lower fat dairy.

  • Add heathy fats such as vegetable oil, nuts or seeds, but in small quantities.

In addition, Mrs. Taylor encouraged the public to make water the beverage of choice, and to drink it at intervals throughout the day.


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