Participants in the Get Moving Barbados exercise event ging through their paces at Ilaro Court recently. (Image: C. Pitt/BGIS)??

Barbados will join with the rest of the world to actively participate in World Heath Day 2010, next Wednesday, April 7.

That is because the Day, to be observed under the theme: "Urbanism and Healthy Living", has been endorsed by Cabinet with Barbadians, (particularly, those at work on that day) being given the opportunity to "wear polo shirts/tee shirts and soft shoes and be more active during the day".

The Ministry of Health, through its National Task Force on Physical Activity and Exercise, is to be credited with the initiative that extends to all workers on the island.

The task force, with its theme "Get Up, Get Active, Get Healthy", has been on a campaign, since its inception last September, to see exercise and physical activity highlighted as a nationwide event. On World Health Day, the public has been encouraged to do simple but effective movements, for example, using the stairs instead of elevators and taking short activity breaks.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the main objective of World Heath Day 2010, is to integrate the day into a sustained public health strategy to incorporate health more broadly into urban public policy.

With the campaign slogan "1000 cities – 1000 lives", a key aim is to encourage people to be part of a global movement to make cities healthier. And, it is anticipated that worldwide events will be hosted that call on cities to open up streets for health activities.?? WHO also envisages that stories of urban health champions will be gathered to illustrate what people are doing to improve the health situation of cities.

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