Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley

Barbadians have been called on by Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, to "avoid labelling our young people".

According to him, the issue of deviance among youth must not be turned into a general condemnation of all young people.

His comments were made over the weekend as he delivered the feature address at a thanksgiving and celebration ceremony for Cadet Executive Officer, Major Patrick Skeete, and Lieutenant Erma Holder, who are retiring after a number of years at the Barbados Cadet Corps.??

The Minister told the large audience, which included family and friends of the retirees, as well as cadets and their parents: "We need to celebrate our positive young people… who continue to render yeoman service in the development of our nation’s youth."

He lauded the work of Major Skeete and Lt. Holder, stating that they had put their country above themselves and they were the epitome of excellence, precision and determination. "I ask our youth to emulate these qualities, even as our country, [and] our world, battle with the worst recession since World War Two," he stated.

Mr. Lashley said he learnt discipline, good team work, critical thinking, camaraderie and self-confidence while a member of the Cadet Corps. He added that young people would also learn how to face and overcome challenges, master skills and be loyal to one’s country.

Lt. Holder worked for 30 years in the teaching service, before moving on to the Cadet Corps where she spent 11 years. She has been described as "a dedicated and hardworking officer" who always looked "after the welfare of the cadets in her charge, both at her unit and while at camp."

Major Skeete served as the Cadet Executive Officer and public servant for 34 years. It is said that "his name is well known for excellence in the Cadet Corps’ administration among its personnel, not only in Barbados, but also in the region".

Several outstanding cadets were also recognised during the three-hour programme.


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